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Hannah Wright previously worked as an editorial assistant and reporter at Verdict Media. She is a graduate of Warwick University, UK, where she studied humanitarian engineering, and was president of The Climate Reality Project Campus Corp, helping advance the university's transition to net zero.

Data centres, demand response and decarbonising the cloud

European data centres are major energy consumers that have a vital role to play in the transition to net zero, both via their own decarbonisation and supporting the grid as more renewables come online.

What will it take for the NHS to reach net zero?

The UK’s National Health Service has pledged to reach net-zero emissions by 2045, but as a service operating at the breaking point, what does the path to decarbonisation look like – and what stands in its way?

Cartels, collusion and the quest for decarbonisation

A growing number of companies want to collaborate with their competitors to decarbonise across a sector, but EU competition law hinders such collaboration and, in some cases, promotes inaction.

How British universities are advancing the energy transition

Universities are major institutions that have a key role to play in the energy transition to net zero, both via their own decarbonisation and as “living laboratories” to advance clean technologies.

The building blocks of net-zero homes

Made from repurposed construction waste, a new brick developed by researchers at a Scottish university promises to slash carbon emissions while protecting the UK from future supply chain disruption.

Spending the climate finance kitty

Climate finance is notoriously hard to define and track. As wealthy nations edge towards their $100bn a year target, a new question emerges: how to spend it? Energy Monitor explores whether climate finance is being spent constructively and what could improve its impact.

The fight to keep track of climate finance flows

With no clear definition on what constitutes climate finance, governments and institutions cannot add up a reliable total. Energy Monitor explores some of the enduring debates around the provision of cash from richer to poorer nations to help them tackle climate change.

Depleting the Climate Trust Fund

A confusing financial ecosystem is impeding the provision of climate finance to developing countries, and threatens to destroy what trust remains between rich nations and the Global South.

With the right policies, the UK could lead on green steel production

Sheffield, in the north of England, has a long history of steelmaking, and is now home to electrolyser manufacturer ITM Power. However, the UK government is failing to give any clear support to cleaning up steel production using green hydrogen.

Why air conditioning must become a sustainable cooling solution

While passive solutions are vital to the decarbonisation of cooling, improving the average energy efficiency of air conditioning is a simple, crucial step forward which governments can enact immediately.