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Editor in chief Sonja van Renssen is an experienced Brussels-based journalist and conference moderator, who has written for leading energy and climate titles including S&P Global Platts and Nature Climate Change. Contact Sonja at: sonja.vanrenssen [at]

Three years on: how Energy Monitor is documenting the race to net zero

“Did Germany just kill the electric car?” is Energy Monitor‘s best-read story of the last 12 months on its third birthday.

TenneT CEO Manon van Beek: a vision for offshore wind in the North Sea

The CEO of the Dutch-German transmission system operator talks to Energy Monitor about the challenges and potential of a meshed, direct current, cross-border North Sea grid.

WindEurope 2023: Energy Monitor’s “Number of the Day”

As Intelligence Partner, Energy Monitor will once again provide all delegates this week with a daily data insight around key topics such as permitting and the supply chain.

EU: Undersubscribed renewables auctions call for government action

European governments need to consider raising the ceiling price for renewable energy auctions and enforce faster permitting, say analysts at GlobalData.

Floating wind will not need subsidies by 2035 – DNV study

The research finds that 60% of wind industry professionals believe floating offshore wind will be fully commercialised by 2035, while almost a third believe it will be cheaper than bottom-fixed by 2050.

Energy Monitor’s most-read stories of 2022

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reshaped the global energy scene in 2022. Our most-read stories reflect a desire to understand the energy transition, also as a potential response to it.

Two years on: How Energy Monitor is documenting the race to net zero

Our live EU electricity generation map is Energy Monitor’s most-read story on our second birthday.

Expect a “seismic shift” on energy efficiency – Jessica Stromback, CEO of Joule Assets

Minimum energy performance standards for buildings coupled with generous tax rebates for renovations – 110% in Italy – could unlock the energy service company market in Europe.

French utility EDF centres innovation strategy on AI and blockchain

EDF chief innovation officer Julien Villeret talks to Energy Monitor about the group’s innovation strategy and France’s three energy priorities: nuclear power, hydrogen and renewables.

Weekly data: Macron’s climate challenge is to build out renewables

French President Emmanuel Macron has pledged to abandon gas, oil and coal, and reinvest in nuclear power, but getting to net zero will require him to reverse France’s lacklustre record on renewable energy too.