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Nithin Coca is an Asia-focused freelance journalist covering environment, human rights and politics issues across the region.

Japan readies to lead the world in offshore wind

European energy companies are investing in Japan as the country aims to create the world’s third-largest wind power fleet by 2040.

Huge setback for Indonesia’s massive coal gasification plans as US company withdraws

Air Products’ withdrawal from a $15bn coal gasification investment in Indonesia raises questions about future investments in coal.

A half-decade after its first plan, Japan’s hydrogen goals remain distant

Experts argue that Japan’s pioneering hydrogen strategy needs to shift away from vehicles and coal-fired power plants.

How will Indonesia’s JETP move the country beyond coal?

The Just Energy Transition Partnership for Indonesia announced last year – with more details due in mid-2023 – targets coal-fired power plants. Nithin Coca reports on how it will, and will not, change the country’s energy system.

Facing headwinds at home, Europe and Japan are pushing waste-to-energy technology across South East Asia

There are more than 100 waste-to-energy projects recently constructed, being built or planned in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand that often involve European or Japanese companies. But they are attracting local opposition over their green credentials. Freelance journalists Nithin Coca, Alexandra Buba, Geela Garcia and Nicha Wachpanich report.

Why Japan is pushing CCS in South East Asia

Japan is pushing carbon capture and storage to reduce emissions from existing assets and enable a transition to net zero. Many analysts and experts are sceptical.

A US company is quietly building a massive coal-to-gas plant – in Indonesia

Air Products and Indonesia have partnered to build a coal gasification plant that will challenge the country’s net-zero ambitions.