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Nicu Calcea is Data Projects Editor at GlobalData Media.

Nicu Calcea

Where are energy industries clustered in the UK?

Scotland and the North East are two of many industrial energy clusters in the UK, shows an exclusive analysis of Companies House records.

Climate change is costing hundreds of work hours a year

Workers in cities around the world are losing the equivalent of hundreds of hours of productive work each year due to excessive heat, reveals analysis by Energy Monitor.

Heat pumps are on the rise in Europe

Though heat pumps are not yet widespread, they offer a series of advantages compared with traditional heating solutions.

Europe makes progress integrating renewables in district heating

District heating could supply 50% of heat demand in Europe’s urban areas by 2050 and help decarbonise the heating and cooling sector.

Transport emissions in western Europe remain higher than in the East

Eastern Europe may attract a lot of negative attention when it comes to climate action, but data shows western Europe is by far the worse offender.

Renewables: more popular, cheaper and create more jobs than fossils

Renewable power is not generating more electricity than fossil fuels in Europe. Will this phenomenon disappear in the Covid recovery?

Net-zero policies remain a work in progress

The EU is just one of the jurisdictions that has set a target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050 – but what does this actually mean?