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Katie Kouchakji is an Auckland-based freelance journalist, specialising in climate change policy and the low-carbon transition. She has been writing about energy and climate change for over 15 years, including for Environmental Finance, Carbon Pulse, the International Bar Association and FORESIGHT

Katie Kouchakji

Is the tide turning for Australia’s fossil fuel exports?

Australia has been making a lot of money from gas and coal exports, but its main customers are accelerating net-zero action.

Will new reforms to Australia’s flagship climate policy turn the tide on emissions?

A deal with the Greens means Anthony Albanese’s Labor government has been able to reform Australia’s Safeguard Mechanism and lay the groundwork for deep cuts to industrial emissions. What will the first national reform to cut emissions in a decade deliver?

New Zealand’s extreme weather another blaring siren for climate action

A new national conversation about climate change and “managed retreat” is under way in New Zealand as the country suffers unprecedented flooding. Katie Kouchakji reports from Auckland.

Gas in Australia: The elephant in the room

Australia’s new government has broken from its predecessor and increased climate ambition, yet a dash for gas persists. What does this mean for the country’s climate goals?