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Energy Monitor Staff

Arab states target fivefold increase in wind and solar by 2030

Planned wind and solar projects by the top three renewables investors in the region – Oman, Morocco and Algeria – add up to four times their plans for new gas-fired power plants.

Biofuels now up to 130% more expensive than fossil fuels – T&E

The rising price of feedstocks means biofuels are now adding €17bn a year to Europe’s fuel bill, finds a new study from NGO Transport & Environment.

Inflation pushes up cost of new renewables

Supply chain disruptions have increased the cost of solar power, battery storage and onshore wind, with cost rises of between 4% and 14% from a year ago.

Major wind farm to electrify one million Egyptian households

Saudi energy developer ACWA Power has signed an agreement to build the largest Middle Eastern wind installation in Egypt.

Two million to access solar power in rural Nigeria

Energy company Husk aims to scale up rural Nigeria’s electrification with solar-led microgrids in the next four years.

Stock exchanges own triple the carbon reserves burnable under Paris target

The “embedded” emissions in the fossil fuel reserves of companies listed on global stock exchanges have risen by almost 40% in the past decade, finds think tank Carbon Tracker.

Hydrogen will miss the mark – study

Hydrogen’s integration into the global energy mix is not happening fast enough to meet the Paris Agreement’s climate targets, says DNV.

Biogas emits proportionally more methane than oil and gas – study

Methane leaks from biogas and biomethane supply chains are more than double previous estimates, finds a new Imperial College study.

Russia sanctions slash $237bn off eastern Europe’s oil and gas pipeline

Restricted access to intermediate goods and international capital has halted a number of leading projects, finds new research by GlobalData.

Lithuanian capital launches ‘Shared Mobility Hub’ to slash 30% of cars

Vilnius has promoted car sharing for the past ten years and boasts around 1.5 million shared car trips each year – among the highest of any city in Europe.