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How industrial waste heat can keep cities warm and decarbonize production

Turboden’s large heat pumps are helping industry customers boost efficiency and sustainability by reusing their waste heat in other processes or exporting it to public utilities. Here, the company’s Andrea Magalini and Nicola Rossetti explain why this green heat source has a bright future.

Alternative fuels and the role of carbon-free hydrogen

With hydrogen set to become a key part of the energy transition, Yasushi Fukuizumi, Vice President of Energy Systems, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, tells us that while there is some way to go before sustainable hydrogen surpasses fossil fuels as the global go-to fuel, it is imperative the energy sector continues to invest further in alternatives.

Bridging the renewables talent gap

Tom Hopkinson, CEO of Taylor Hopkinson, discusses how his company is helping to build sustainable careers in the renewable sector and smartly upskill those with transferable skills from complementary industries.

Speed to power: emergency electricity systems are critical to business continuity

Governments and corporations all over the world must ensure against an interruption or outage of electrical power supplies to those it’s responsible for.

How hydrogen is paving the way for European energy independence

The scramble to decarbonise national energy supplies, while shoring them up against international tumult, is making diversification more important than ever. A hydrogen-driven remedy may be within touching distance, says Javier Cavada, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Power EMEA