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Nour Ghantous is a reporter based in London. She is a graduate of the MSc in Humanitarian Engineering at Warwick University, where she authored a consultancy report investigating the feasibility of installing wind turbines on campus. She has previously written for Lacuna magazine and the Boar. Contact Nour at: nour.ghantous [at]

Energy transition heading for critical mineral bottleneck – GlobalData

Securing a sustainable supply of minerals like lithium, cobalt and rare earth elements is paramount to accelerate the shift towards a greener future, warns GlobalData in a new report.

A missed opportunity: EU’s new oil imports are a backdoor to Russia

The EU is importing more oil products than before Russia’s war on Ukraine, including from countries that source their oil from Russia, according to a new Transport & Environment (T&E) report.

Danfoss “Smart Store” launch sets a standard for energy-efficient supermarkets

The new Smart Store is 50% more efficient than traditional supermarkets and will function as Danfoss’s test centre for energy-efficient technology.

First utility-scale airborne wind system launched by Kitemill

The launch of Norwegian company Kitemill’s utility-scale airborne wind energy technology could mark the beginning of a rapid era of growth for the nascent industry.

Norway’s flagship CCS projects: cautionary tale or showcase?

Sleipner and Snøhvit highlight the risks associated with the global challenge of burying CO₂, according to a recent report by think tank IEEFA. However, critics urge a closer examination of the expertise behind the claims and a deeper understanding of CCS’s potential.

Big meat’s big PR investments are blocking climate action

As big oil and gas PR tactics remain under scrutiny, big meat’s lobby flies under the radar and deals some serious blows to the race to decarbonise.

Global energy crisis divides industry leaders

The decision to accelerate or decelerate net-zero ambitions has split global energy leaders down the middle, finds research by global professional services company GHD.

UK air conditioning demand prompts government to rekindle coal

As temperatures climb above 30˚C, National Grid has turned to coal, ending a 47-day streak without the fossil fuel on the UK power grid.

Circular method for wind turbine blade recycling wins funding

University of Edinburgh researchers were awarded £125,000 to develop a method of converting wind turbine blades to a powder that can be used to reinforce new blades.

ChatGPT: Deus ex machina for the energy transition?

OpenAI’s powerful language model launched at the end of 2022 could revolutionise the energy transition if used wisely and inclusively, say AI experts – including GPT itself.