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Nour Ghantous is a reporter based in London. She is a graduate of the MSc in Humanitarian Engineering at Warwick University, where she authored a consultancy report investigating the feasibility of installing wind turbines on campus. She has previously written for Lacuna magazine and the Boar. Contact Nour at: nour.ghantous [at]

Nour Ghantous


Non-fungible trees: Web3’s new carbon market

Innovative, unregulated net-zero initiatives on Web3, the new decentralised internet, could hinder as well as help climate action.

Carbon offsets divide companies

While more than half of FTSE 350 companies have “dramatically” increased carbon offset spending over the past two years, 41% of chief sustainability officers do not use carbon offsets due to trust issues, find new studies by Kana Earth and AiDash.

EU solar deployment rate soars by almost 50% in 2022 – report

The EU added 41.4GW of solar power capacity in 2022, enough to power 12.4 million homes, and is expected to more than double its total solar market in the next four years, reports SolarPower Europe.

One-third of EU nations have not introduced any measures to reduce energy demand

EU energy-saving targets are at risk due to insufficient and inconsistent measures taken by governments to reduce gas and electricity consumption, finds new European Environmental Bureau analysis.

Asian countries to consume record amounts of coal – IEA

Global coal demand will reach an all-time high in 2022, reports the International Energy Agency, but will be moderated by renewables deployment going forward.

Size matters: Upmarket drift in car industry stunts vehicle efficiency progress in EU and US

The EU and US have failed to address the trend towards larger and more powerful vehicles, hindering progress on fuel efficiency and reducing the environmental benefits of electrification.

Opinion: Dam, that’s a lot of men

Port Evolution has announced Centre Port UK, a £2bn hydroelectric dam, dual highway and container terminal all in one. The project has potential – if approached in the right way.

Saudi Arabia will host the Middle East’s largest solar facility

The Water and Electricity Holding Company and ACWA Power will develop a 2,060MW solar facility in Saudi Arabia – the largest in the Middle East – to power 350,000 homes by the end of 2025.

Cool bananas: Efficient cold chain technology for a clean agriculture boom

Danish energy technology company Danfoss is demonstrating how optimised cold chains can reduce food waste and improve supply chain efficiency.

Egypt and India to develop green hydrogen plant in the Suez Canal

ReNew Power, India’s largest renewables company, will invest $8bn in a green hydrogen plant in the Suez Canal following an agreement with the Egyptian government.