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Contributing editor Mark Nicholls, co-founder and former editor of Environmental Finance, specialises in sustainable finance and responsible investment, including ESG disclosure and carbon markets. He can be found on LinkedIn here.

Tapping homeowner equity in pursuit of energy efficiency

There is an urgent need to find long-term finance for deep renovations of the EU’s housing stock. A new financial product could tap into trillions of euros of homeowner equity – if the EU can be persuaded to come on board.

Finance, geopolitics cast shadow over climate talks

With the Paris Agreement rules in place, the UN climate talks are switching focus from process to implementation – but geopolitics and disputes over finance cast a pall.

Inflation bites at the battery storage bonanza

Dramatic growth in battery storage will be fundamental to the clean energy transition. Rising prices risk curtailing that growth.

Maersk: turning around an emissions super-tanker

The shipping sector poses some of the greatest challenges on the way to a net-zero global economy. Denmark’s Maersk is undeterred.

Climate impact beyond carbon offsets

To show corporate leadership, cheap carbon offsets and climate neutrality claims won’t do, say campaigners. Some companies are starting to listen.

CBAM advances, but big battles remain

EU member states have agreed to move the bloc’s carbon border tax forward, but crucial elements remain unresolved.

Ukraine invasion sends carbon markets on rollercoaster ride

With Europe’s energy and climate policy wracked by crisis, it is no surprise that the carbon market has been gripped by volatility – but a price collapse looks unlikely.

The net-zero transition just got harder – and more urgent

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is a paradigm shift for the energy transition and global climate action. Continued progress will be best served by near-term appeals to self-interest.

Taking ownership of supply chain emissions

Most companies’ climate impact lies in their supply chains. Tackling upstream scope 3 carbon emissions poses problems of calculation and influence.

Taking the heat out of funding the transition

Soaring energy prices have reignited the debate in the UK on green and social levies. As the costs of the energy transition rise, new approaches will be needed.