The OECD’s Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has launched an ‘SMR Dashboard’ that tracks the progress towards deployment of various small modular reactor (SMR) designs around the world.

These small nuclear reactors are at various stages of development, from fundamental research on new concepts to commercial deployment and operation of mature designs. The SMRs vary wildly in technology, size and configuration; and can be land-based or floating on water, fixed installations or transportable.

The NEA has designed the new SMR Dashboard as a tool to help policymakers navigate this complexity. The dashboard aims to look beyond the technical feasibility and technology readiness of each SMR design to track its progress across six parameters: financing, fuel availability, licensing readiness, siting, societal engagement and supply chain. This first edition of the publication tracks the progress of 21 designs from all around world (full list below).

“The nuclear sector is experiencing a level of interest and attention not seen since the early 1960s,” said William D Magwood IV, NEA’s director-general, in a press statement. “This interest is largely sparked by the wave of innovation in SMRs that has the potential to reshape the way society and industry produces and uses energy. The next five to ten years is going to be pivotal in terms of getting these new technologies to market. The NEA SMR Dashboard will help decision-makers understand the pace of progress to commercial deployment of these technologies as they consider the paths available to achieve net zero by 2050.” 

SMRs assessed in the first edition of the NEA SMR Dashboard include:

  • ACPR50S by China General Nuclear Power Group
  • ACP100 by China National Nuclear Corporation/Nuclear Power Institute of China
  • ARC-100 by ARC Clean Technology 
  • Aurora by OKLO 
  • BWRX-300 by GE-Hitachi/Hitachi-GE 
  • CAREM by Argentina's National Atomic Energy Commission
  • eVinci by Westinghouse Electric Company 
  • Hermes by Kairos Power
  • HTR-PM by Tsinghua University Institute of Nuclear and New Energy Technology
  • KLT-40S by Rosatom
  • MMR by Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation 
  • Natrium by TerraPower   
  • Nuward by Electricité de France
  • RITM-200N by Rosatom 
  • RITM-200S by Rosatom
  • Rolls-Royce SMR by Rolls-Royce SMR 
  • SEALER-55 by LeadCold Reactors 
  • Stable Salt Reactor – Wasteburner by Moltex Energy 
  • U-Battery by Urenco 
  • VOYGR by NuScale Power 
  • XE-100 by X-energy