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Correspondent Oliver Gordon is a sustainability-focused multimedia journalist based in London. He has previously worked for Struggles From Below, Uxolo Development Finance, Proximo Infra, TXF News, City AM and Euromoney. Contact Ollie at: oliver.gordon [at]

Oliver Gordon


Diversifying forest carbon credits reduces risk and boosts returns – study

By bundling investments across forest ages, geographies and ecosystems, investors can reduce investment risk by at least half, according to research from Imperial College Business School and Terraformation.

Schnitzer Steel tops ‘Global 100’ most sustainable corporations

Corporate Knights Global 100 ranking compares the sustainability of the world’s 100 largest publicly traded companies.

Methane in the net-zero crosshairs for 2023 – Bill Gates’s Breakthrough Energy Ventures

Energy Monitor caught up with Breakthrough Energy Ventures’s Carmichael Roberts to discuss what 2023 has in store for the world’s net-zero transition.

EVs, green ammonia and plant-based proteins could supercharge net zero – study

Mandates for electric vehicle sales, green ammonia use in fertilisers and public procurement of plant-based proteins could catalyse decarbonisation in sectors covering 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Europe’s oil majors investing eight times more in biofuels than hydrogen

Around 75% of the refining sector’s €39bn of planned investments in alternative fuels up to 2030 will go towards increasing biofuels production, according to new research from NGO Transport & Environment.

Cleantech manufacturing could triple to $650bn by 2030 – IEA

Cleantech manufacturing jobs could more than double from six million today to nearly 14 million by 2030, according to new IEA research.

Airborne wind energy is finally ready for lift-off

After 15 years of trial-and-error conceptual development, airborne wind energy finally looks set to take its seat at the net-zero table.

Hydrogen industry shifting to low-emissions technologies – study

Climate-oriented technologies made up almost 80% of all patents related to hydrogen production in 2020, according to new research from the European Patent Office and the International Energy Agency.

The path to green crypto

Ethereum’s recent “Merge” has thrown down the gauntlet for decarbonising the energy-intensive crypto industry. One stubborn community, however, is blocking the road to net zero.

NREL improves efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cell

Creating highly stable and efficient perovskites based on a rich mixture of bromine and iodine is considered critical for the development of tandem solar cells.