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Correspondent Oliver Gordon is a sustainability-focused multimedia journalist based in London. He has previously worked for Struggles From Below, Uxolo Development Finance, Proximo Infra, TXF News, City AM and Euromoney. Contact Ollie at: oliver.gordon [at]

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Double energy efficiency by 2030 to ensure net zero – IEA

Ramping up annual energy efficiency progress from 2.2% today to more than 4% by 2030 could cut CO2 emissions by almost one-third from current levels, says the International Energy Agency.

Carbon markets forecast to weather short-term price dips

Carbon market participants believe prices will fall over the next two years but rebound strongly in the second half of the decade, according to a recent survey by IETA and PwC.

Half of EU has no mandatory energy-saving measures for next winter – EEB

Despite the ongoing energy crisis, only 14 of the 27 EU countries have adopted mandatory measures to reduce gas and electricity demand.

Finnish and Austrian companies to build Europe’s biggest biocoal plant

Construction is scheduled to start in mid-2023, and production in late-2024.

Ørsted launches landmark CCS project in Denmark

Microsoft has agreed to purchase 2.76 million tonnes of carbon removal over 11 years from the project, representing one of the world’s largest carbon removal offtake agreements to date.

Can building with wood decarbonise construction?

By replacing energy-intensive building materials and locking away carbon from the atmosphere, building with sustainable timber could save more than 100Gt of CO₂ by the end of the century – but there is a catch.

Israel’s Brenmiller launches world’s first thermal energy storage gigafactory

With production expected to reach full capacity by the end of 2023, the factory will produce up to 4GWh of the company’s bGen thermal energy storage modules annually.

European carbon removal pioneer lured by US subsidies

Switzerland’s Climeworks, the world leader in direct air capture technology, has announced plans to expand into the US. Energy Monitor sits down with Climeworks’ climate policy manager Peter Freudenstein to discuss the motivations behind the company’s US growth.

France’s Nexans launches low-carbon grid cable

The company’s new approach reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of its low- and medium-voltage electricity cables by 35–50%.

Microgrids market to triple to $60bn by 2027 – GlobalData

The global microgrids market is forecast to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% between 2023 and 2027, according to new research from GlobalData.