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Correspondent Oliver Gordon is a sustainability-focused multimedia journalist based in London. He has previously worked for Struggles From Below, Uxolo Development Finance, Proximo Infra, TXF News, City AM and Euromoney. Contact Ollie at: oliver.gordon [at]

Petrostates to lose $8trn of fossil-fuel income by 2040

A moderately paced energy transition will see 28 petrostates lose over half their fossil-fuel revenues by 2040 as demand declines and prices tumble, according to new research from Carbon Tracker.

Grid upgrades could shave $3trn off the world’s net-zero power transition

Investing an additional $1.7trn to upgrade global transmission infrastructure by 2040 could save $3trn on the world’s net-zero power transition, according to new modelling from non-profit TransitionZero.

Climate finance surpasses $1trn a year

Although passing the $1trn-mark is “undeniably good news”, global climate finance flows still fall far short of the levels required to limit global warming to 1.5°C, according to the non-profit Climate Policy Initiative.

A heat pump alternative for a quarter of UK homes

A new Zero Emission Boiler (ZEB) has hit the UK market, aiming to offer a low-carbon alternative to heat pumps.

“Extraordinary” clean energy growth keeping 1.5°C door ajar – IEA’s Laura Cozzi

Following the publication of the IEA’s latest Net Zero Roadmap and World Energy Outlook, one of the authors tells Energy Monitor that growth in clean energy technologies is keeping the dream of 1.5°C alive – just about.

Are forest-based carbon offsets worth saving?

After countless media scandals surrounding the integrity of REDD+ carbon offsets, a new study says enough is enough, it is time to scrap the whole system – but can we afford to start again?

Can biodiversity credits stem the extinction cascade?

With the world needing to invest $536bn annually to combat the biodiversity crisis, “biocredits” could provide a vital stream of private finance. However, as carbon offsets have proved, a market-based system for nature conservation also brings risks.

Sunak’s climate back-pedalling “just so cynical” – Cambridge economist

Energy Monitor talks to leading climate change economist Dimitri Zenghelis about an open letter from 100 economists lamenting UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s recent net-zero U-turns.

Rendesco invests £150m in ground-source heat pumps for UK new-builds

The investment will help the housing industry achieve the UK Government’s target of 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028.

Asia-Pacific to power global offshore wind growth – GWEC

The global offshore wind industry will add 380GW of capacity by 2032, nearly half of which will come from the Asia-Pacific region, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.