Concept: Mountain Creek Cemetery in Grand Prairie has introduced green burials in Texas to offer an eco-friendly funeral experience in a beautiful setting. These burial grounds allow the body to decompose naturally and return to the Earth without disturbing the landscape.

Nature of Disruption: The Mountain Creek Cemetery is an expansive certified hybrid cemetery. Unlike a traditional cemetery that is covered by rows and rows of headstones, this cemetery features five acres of grassy fields and woods. Green burial at Mountain Creek Cemetery has certain requirements that must be followed. Concrete grave liners are not permitted; bodies need to be enclosed in a biodegradable container like a shroud or a wooden casket. Burial after embalming may be allowed only if non-toxic embalming fluids are used. All these requirements also greatly reduce the entire cost of the process. Green burials minimize the environmental impact of traditional burying. It protects natural resources, reduces carbon emissions, protects worker health, and restores and preserves natural habitat.

Outlook: Burying cremated remains must be done in a certain way that ensures no contamination of the surrounding soil or no damage to the plant life. Families concerned about the environmental impact of funeral services can opt for burial at a green or hybrid cemetery like Mountain Creek Cemetery. Each green burial at Mountain Creek Cemetery reduces the large volumes of the board, steel, and concrete that goes into the ground each year as a result of traditional burials.