Energy Monitor reporter Nour Ghantous (left) in conversation with Rasmus Kristensen, vice-president for group public affairs at Danfoss, at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

For Rasmus Kristensen, vice-president for group public affairs at Danfoss, the Danish supplier of energy efficiency and electrification solutions, COP27 is “by far the biggest COP in terms of private sector participation”. Danfoss is attending to make some noise around energy efficiency.

“We are here to draw attention to what we feel is neglected in the green transition: demand side,” Kristensen tells Energy Monitor. “The International Energy Agency has shown that energy efficiency can actually take us one-third of the way to net zero. Energy efficiency should not be neglected, because the solutions are readily available, they are often very cheap with short payback times, and it is something we can do right now.”

Kristensen lays out Danfoss’s own decarbonisation plans and its work with others to do the same, notably also in less-developed countries. This includes unlocking finance for energy efficiency in South East Asia and building efficient cold chains to reduce food loss and waste in Africa.

Beyond energy efficiency at COP27:

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