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Viola Caon

Viola Caon is a senior editor at Investment Monitor, focusing on infrastructure, logistics and the Americas market. She joined from Euromoney’s IJGlobal, where she covered private investment in energy and infrastructure for the past four years after covering the asset management sector more broadly. Viola has extensive knowledge of the institutional investment world and has focused on fund investments both in infrastructure and across other asset classes at a global level since the beginning of her career in 2012.

FDI in renewable energy: A success story

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the transition to net zero, making renewable energy a growing attraction for FDI.

How do rising energy prices impact FDI and site selection?

While rising energy prices have a small impact on FDI flows on their own, they are affecting companies’ expansion plans.

Can Russia pivot its energy market away from Europe and towards Asia?

Russia is trying to pivot its energy market towards Asia as Europe weans itself from the country’s fossil fuels. But how manageable is that?

FDI drivers in 2022: ESG

The global race to net zero has turned ESG into one of the most important drivers of FDI in the post-Covid world.

What is being done to make data centres sustainable?

Data centres consume huge amounts of energy, so what are providers doing to make their operations more sustainable?

What will happen now to Nord Stream 2 and its investors?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine dealt a lethal blow to Nord Stream 2, leaving European business leaders to grapple with issues around security of energy supply and alternative sources.

How did Germany come to be so dependent on Russian gas?

Europe’s gas supply heavily depends on Russia, and Germany’s historic aversion to nuclear power has made it even more reliant on the country, but how quickly can it turn off the tap?