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Stu Robarts

Signal: ‘Europe’s largest’ virtual storage solution reflects renewables growth

Global job listings related to energy storage have tracked with those related to renewable energy.

Signal: Indonesia’s $20bn energy transition plan continues increased decarbonisation focus

Indonesia’s decarbonisation efforts are reflected in increasing mentions in company filings of renewable energy, climate change and the environment.

Signal: China issues guidelines on hydrogen ahead of industry boom

The guidelines are aimed at helping to develop the industry and in turn China’s already growing alternative energy sector.

Signal: desire for decarbonisation doesn’t pay the bill for airlines

There is a desire to move towards net zero within the airline industry, but it remains a huge task.

Signal: US nuclear jobs up as Plant Vogtle reactor launches

It is the first new reactor to become operational in the US for seven years and accompanies a jobs uptick.

Filings signal: Australian private sector reflects concern on renewables

Mentions of renewables-related terms within company filings in Australia’s power and utilities sector have trended downwards.

Russia-Ukraine war risks hampering transition to global low-carbon economy

Russia is home to some of largest rare earth reserves in the world, while preliminary estimates suggest Ukraine holds Europe’s largest lithium reserves.