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Nour Ghantous is a reporter based in London. She is a graduate of the MSc in Humanitarian Engineering at Warwick University, where she authored a consultancy report investigating the feasibility of installing wind turbines on campus. She has previously written for Lacuna magazine and the Boar.

Nour Ghantous


Cool bananas: Efficient cold chain technology for a clean agriculture boom

Danish energy technology company Danfoss is demonstrating how optimised cold chains can reduce food waste and improve supply chain efficiency.

Egypt and India to develop green hydrogen plant in the Suez Canal

ReNew Power, India’s largest renewables company, will invest $8bn in a green hydrogen plant in the Suez Canal following an agreement with the Egyptian government.

COP27: Indigenous leader warns against leaving out ancestral knowledge

Academia, governments and civil society must include indigenous voices in climate action plans, says Diana Mori.

Carbon markets at COP27: What’s holding up negotiations on Article 6?

Negotiations on mechanisms governing carbon markets are not going well, says Khaled Diab of NGO Carbon Market Watch.

COP27: The underdogs did most of the work in week one. Now what?

The annual UN climate conference in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, started off on a high, but negotiations are stalling.

COP27: “Energy efficiency should not be neglected” – Danfoss

Creating efficient cold chains to reduce food waste in Africa is part of energy efficiency taking the world towards net zero, says Danish company Danfoss’s head of public affairs.

COP27: “Green hydrogen is one of the bright spots of this COP” – Jonas Moberg, CEO of GH2

Jonas Moberg, CEO of the Green Hydrogen Organisation, talks to Energy Monitor about his hopes and challenges for COP27.

COP27: Ukraine energy company DTEK maintains net-zero goal

The CEO of Ukraine’s largest private energy investor, DTEK, talks to Energy Monitor about climate ambition, renewables and FDI.

COP27: Data science can strengthen climate action

Data science can play a big role in strengthening climate action, co-founder of non-profit Climate Change AI, Priya Donti, tells Energy Monitor at COP27.

COP27: Alpine Group proffers recycled textiles to combat climate change

Material innovation and recycled textiles are two ways in which Alpine Group intends to ramp up its climate action, global director of impact Clare Woodford tells Energy Monitor.