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Lou Del Bello

Lou Del Bello is an energy and climate journalist currently living in New Delhi, where she has reported for Bloomberg, the BBC, Nature news, HuffPost and more. She has previously lived in, and reported from, Italy, the UK and Kenya.

India gets ready to launch a national carbon market

The Indian government has green-lighted the creation of a national carbon market that will be key to decarbonising heavy industry and helping shape international carbon trading.

India’s plans for global solar domination

India has big plans to create a grid that could move solar power around the globe. But given its difficulties in transporting electricity at national level, experts remain sceptical the project will ever see the light of day.

India slowly gets serious about solar

India has ambitious plans for solar power, but problems related to transmission infrastructure and interstate coordination remain.

How coal-dependent India can speed up its energy transition

If India is serious about renewables, it needs to spend its time and money focusing on building them up and developing the necessary grid infrastructure rather than wasting energy on pushing coal.