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Justin Guay is the director for global climate strategy at the Sunrise Project. He has a decade of experience in nonprofit advocacy and foundation strategy development.

The road to clean steel runs through electric vehicles

Advance market commitments can send the signal required to scale the clean steel market, argue campaigners with the Sunrise Project.

To unleash the clean trillions we need more sticks, less carrots

More robust government intervention such as credit guidance and golden shares is needed to close the clean energy investment gap, argues Justin Guay, director for global climate strategy at the Sunrise Project.

In the great EV race, clean supply chains are the winner

The transition to electric vehicles is inevitable; whether these vehicles are made with clean energy is not.

Closing the clean investment gap

The annual global clean investment gap stands at $3trn. It is time for a financial system intervention, argues the Sunrise Project’s Justin Guay.

What if the Biden administration financed the replacement of every coal plant in the US?

The Biden administration could use the financial tools available under the Inflation Reduction Act to replace the country’s coal fleet by 2030.

The global LNG boom US exporters are chasing won’t materialise

Europe is doing everything it can to reduce gas use, while Asian governments are having to choose between sky-high prices and rolling blackouts. The smart money is on clean energy.