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Philippa Nuttall is a journalist and writer focused on the climate and biodiversity crises. She was Energy Monitor's founding editor-in-chief and Environment and Sustainability Editor at the New Statesman. She now writes regularly for the Financial Times' Sustainable Views and The Banker, and her work has appeared in the Financial Times and New Scientist.

Philippa Nuttall


Opinion: How an oil expert heading COP28 could transform climate action

The appointment of Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, as president of COP28 is an opportunity to fast-forward the clean energy transition – because fossil fuel-focused countries and companies also have to be part of the solution.

Opinion: Time to make the rich pay for climate change

The richest 10% of citizens are responsible for 50% of global carbon emissions. Taxing private jets would be a good place to start – and raise money for cleaner alternatives.

Opinion: Why transport emissions remain the elephant in the room

Electric vehicles are not the silver bullet to transport emissions.

Opinion: Why climate action will fail without more women at the table

Women are indispensable to the energy transition yet remain notoriously absent at COP27, argues Philippa Nuttall.

Opinion: EU mustn’t procrastinate over enacting climate plan

The ‘Fit for 55’ package announced by the European Commission should be taken as a starting point for ambitious climate action. The European Parliament and EU member states must build on it, not delay its adoption or water down the proposals.

Why climate change is too important to leave to ‘green’ politics

Parties should give voters tangible economic reasons to support policies that benefit the environment.