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Financial services firms must focus on Scope 3 to achieve net zero – report

A new GlobalData report suggests that financial services providers are not paying enough attention to reporting on Scope 3 emissions.

Is Barclays really moving away from fossil fuels?

Barclays decision to no longer finance new oil and gas fields is positive news for the environment, but it comes with major caveats.

Explainer: how China is quietly becoming a green energy powerhouse

China’s brown economy is turning green, with the country most recently cracking down on emissions reporting fraud.

Explainer: what is the EU’s CBAM, and what does it mean for global trade?

Philippe Pernstich, founding footprinting lead at Minimum, sits down with Energy Monitor to talk CBAM and supply chains.

Cookstove carbon credit projects overvalued by nine times – study

A new study suggests that cookstove projects are worth around 9 times fewer carbon credits than thought – the latest in a series of scandals.

Corporate sustainability needs ESG standards and tools

Global industry leaders are embracing ESG issues but diverging reporting standards pose a challenge to corporate sustainability.

What do new EU sustainability reporting rules mean for the pharmaceutical industry?

Mark Chadwick at Engie Impact, the energy giant’s sustainability consulting arm, explains how the EU’s new ESG reporting directive will impact pharmaceutical companies.

MP Chris Skidmore warns UK against falling behind on net zero

The MP that signed the UK’s net-zero pledge into law, told a conference that the challenge is political, not technological.

Signal: RWE invested €9.9bn in green energy in H1, plans to continue growth

Germany’s largest energy provider bought ConEd’s renewables subsidiary in March and invested heavily in wind.