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Eve Thomas is a trainee reporter, writing across a variety of sectors with a specific focus on thematic intelligence. She has a BA in English Literature from the University of Sheffield and an MSt in English from Oxford University.

Eve Thomas

Signal: China’s climate envoy says that phasing out fossil fuels ‘unrealistic’

Completely phasing out fossil fuels in China is “unrealistic” amid grid security concerns, according to China’s top climate official.

Signal: Brazil expected to revise climate targets to cut emissions 53% by 2030

Brazil’s President is expected to announce ambitious revisions to the country’s climate targets as concerns around deforestation continue.

Signal: 50% of Germany’s power to be generated by renewables in 2023

Germany is set to generate more than half of its power from renewable sources as solar and wind continue to grow, but the “current pace” is not sufficient to meet 2030 targets.

Signal: EU green hydrogen target looks unattainable

Companies across Europe are moving towards green hydrogen but not fast enough to meet EU production targets, according to Hydrogen Europe.

Signal: at-risk UK offshore energy industry sees decline in hirings

Offshore jobs are at risk in the wind and oil and gas sectors, as underinvestment results in slow growth and limited capacity.

Signal: Europe’s largest on-landfill solar farm sees spike in UK hires

Ockendon solar farm is the largest in Europe to be built on landfill, and is generating jobs, as well as clean energy.

Signal: Global carbon pricing to be a priority from 2024

Introducing carbon pricing globally will reduce emissions and increase revenue for further green investment.

Predictive AI offers energy security amid changing industry

The technology can be used to help protect assets and prevent disruption as renewable sources increasingly take centre stage.

Signal: UK lacking green investment needed for net-zero commitment

The UK needs private investment to reach its net-zero target, but unclear policies and insufficient public funding pose problems.

Signal: Netherlands natural gas reserves expire in nine years, threatening jobs

The Netherlands has pledged to halt domestic gas production by 2030, which leaves questions about jobs as a successful industry shuts down.