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Senior writer Dave Keating is a US journalist and conference moderator covering European affairs from Brussels, with a focus on environment and energy. He has worked for France24 and Forbes. Contact Dave at: dave.keating [at]

Dave Keating


Can solar power Ukraine’s recovery?

The EU is coordinating donations of solar panels to provide off-grid solutions for schools and hospitals in Ukraine after Russian bombs cut power. Turning this into a long-term renewable grid will be a challenge.

France collects new nuclear allies after Brexit

Nuclear proponents lost significant voting power when the UK left the EU, but France is cobbling together a new nuclear alliance and has racked up a number of recent successes.

EU sets out rules for green hydrogen – inviting promise and peril

The European Commission has adopted long-awaited rules for how and when hydrogen can count towards the EU’s climate targets. The sector says it has desperately needed certainty, but campaigners say it could encourage fossil fuel burning.

EU to launch quest for raw materials critical for cleantech

The EU Critical Raw Materials Act to be adopted next month will focus on securing Europe’s supply of building blocks for the energy transition.

In green subsidy race with US, EU lacks focus

Cleantech companies say the European Commission’s Green Deal Industrial Plan is a good start, but the obsession with Biden’s ‘unfair’ Inflation Reduction Act is proving unhelpful.

EU prepares to ban greenwashing

Companies will no longer be able to make misleading green claims under a draft EU law to be proposed in March, but there are concerns the metrics are weighted too heavily toward CO2 emissions.

Should the EU count wood as a renewable fuel? Opinions are divided.

The European Parliament wants to exclude some woody biomass from counting toward the bloc’s renewable energy goals, to avoid deforestation. The biomass sector says this will deprive Europe of a valuable fuel in a time of energy insecurity.

EU’s end-of-year energy breakthroughs will have big climate implications

Over the past week, negotiators have agreed a gas price cap, a carbon price on buildings and road transport, an €87bn social climate fund, an EU carbon border tax and the contours of a methane reduction regulation.

EU methane law gets renewed attention as energy security saviour

Globally, the oil and gas sector leaks almost as much energy in the form of methane each year that the EU imported from Russia before the Ukraine War. Yet an EU proposal to rein in methane emissions has gone nowhere and now risks being watered down.

Emergency EU energy measures held hostage by gas price cap dispute

EU energy ministers will try again on 13 December to overcome deep divisions over a proposal to cap the wholesale price of natural gas.