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Senior writer Dave Keating is a US journalist and conference moderator covering European affairs from Brussels, with a focus on environment and energy. He has worked for France24 and Forbes. Contact Dave at: dave.keating [at]

Data: the missing link for electric vehicles

Electric utilities are pushing for greater data sharing between cars and infrastructure, says Eurelectric secretary-general Kristian Ruby.

EU 90% emissions cut for 2040 welcomed amid backsliding concerns

Climate campaigners and businesses alike have welcomed the European Commission’s recommendation for 2040, but a right-wing majority in the next EU parliament could prevent it from ever becoming law.

National governments are not taking EU climate targets seriously

An analysis of draft National Energy and Climate Plans has found them “inconsistent and contradictory”, putting 2030 climate targets at risk. Will the EU crack the whip or look the other way?

New EU gas directive has big implications for hydrogen

The development of renewable and low-carbon gases will be stimulated by new common rules.

EU electricity market reform: what’s in it

A row over tearing up the EU’s electricity market rules, which caused the Spanish prime minister to storm out of a summit two years ago, has in the end resulted in only moderate reform.

EU, UK set course for scrapping gas boilers

As 2023 comes to an end, Brussels and London have both set out plans to reduce emissions from buildings by phasing out fossil fuel boilers.

EU pushing ahead on cleantech trade battle with China

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has announced an anti-subsidy inquiry into imports of Chinese electric cars and support for the wind sector to keep these technologies in Europe. However, the EU’s past experience with solar shows it could be self-defeating.

Germany’s COP28 message is undermined by its domestic climate action crisis

A constitutional court ruling scrapping the country’s climate budget and a teetering coalition government has put Germany’s climate commitment in doubt as an increasingly powerful right wing promises to backtrack on climate legislation if elected.

What the EU’s new methane emissions limit will mean for business

Methane, the second-biggest cause of climate change after carbon dioxide (CO₂), will have to be tackled by oil and gas companies under a new EU law.

COP28: is the UN climate process ignoring the tourism sector?

Travel and tourism is a frequent climate punching bag for politicians and activists, yet there are no speakers from the sector scheduled for COP28 in Dubai.