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Alison Doig


Dr Alison Doig is senior advisor to Recourse, specialising on policy and advocacy at the intersection of energy, the environment and international development. Her work has included advocating for climate justice at the UNFCCC climate negotiations, including COP21 in Paris, and a shifting multilateral investment towards low-carbon energy for all.

Beyond the H2ype: why the World Bank should be cautious on green hydrogen

It is time for cautious and well-governed advances in green hydrogen financing from the World Bank and other multilateral funders, not profligate acceleration based on unfounded hype.

Put communities at the heart of decisions on transition minerals

As the IEA holds a first-ever critical minerals summit in Paris, NGO Recourse argues that transition minerals extraction must fully consider and benefit the people whose lands and resources are being targeted.

Why the World Bank’s ‘Paris Alignment’ process could add fuel to the climate crisis

As the World Bank clings to its old fossil fuel energy investment model, NGO Recourse challenges it to instead trigger a race to the top for public finance to tackle the climate crisis.