The power industry continues to be a hotbed of patent innovation. Activity is driven by the increasing global demand for power, increased preference for large-scale installations, huge potential for wind power, and increased renewable energy auctions, wind turbine blade expansion-, high strength, and low weight, and growing importance of technologies such as wind turbines, offshore wind, and onshore wind. In the last three years alone, there have been over 656,000 patents filed and granted in the power industry, according to GlobalData’s report on Advanced materials in power: fiber-reinforced turbine blades. Buy the report here.

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According to GlobalData’s Technology Foresights, which uses over 70,000 patents to analyze innovation intensity for the power industry, there are 40+ innovation areas that will shape the future of the industry.

Fiber-reinforced turbine blades is a key innovation area in advanced materials

Fiber-reinforced composites in wind turbine blades are widely used in the production of large-scale wind turbines. Glass fibers and carbon fibers are the most widely utilized reinforcements due to their versatility and diverse characteristics. Glass fiber-reinforced plastics (GRP) are the most often utilized types of composite material in the wind turbine industry.

GlobalData’s analysis also uncovers the companies at the forefront of each innovation area and assesses the potential reach and impact of their patenting activity across different applications and geographies.  According to GlobalData, there are 30+ companies, spanning technology vendors, established power companies, and up-and-coming start-ups engaged in the development and application of fiber-reinforced turbine blades.

Key players in fiber-reinforced turbine blades – a disruptive innovation in the power industry

‘Application diversity’ measures the number of applications identified for each patent. It broadly splits companies into either ‘niche’ or ‘diversified’ innovators.   

‘Geographic reach’ refers to the number of countries each patent is registered in. It reflects the breadth of geographic application intended, ranging from ‘global’ to ‘local’. 

Patent volumes related to fiber-reinforced turbine blades

Company Total patents (2021 - 2023) Premium intelligence on the world's largest companies
General Electric 500 Unlock Company Profile
Siemens 263 Unlock Company Profile
Vestas Wind Systems 236 Unlock Company Profile
Wobben Properties 79 Unlock Company Profile
Senvion 33 Unlock Company Profile
TPI Composites 29 Unlock Company Profile
Aloys Wobben Foundation 21 Unlock Company Profile
Nordex 19 Unlock Company Profile
Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing 16 Unlock Company Profile
CRRC Group 16 Unlock Company Profile
Arkema 14 Unlock Company Profile
Hexcel 13 Unlock Company Profile
Gurit 13 Unlock Company Profile
Neptco 13 Unlock Company Profile
Boeing 12 Unlock Company Profile
Covestro 11 Unlock Company Profile
Safran 11 Unlock Company Profile
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 6 Unlock Company Profile
Doosan 6 Unlock Company Profile
Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft- und Raumfahrt 5 Unlock Company Profile
Schaeffler 4 Unlock Company Profile
Suzhou Red Maple Wind Blade Mould 4 Unlock Company Profile
BASF 3 Unlock Company Profile
Windfin 3 Unlock Company Profile
Envision Energy (Denmark) Aps 2 Unlock Company Profile
Swancor 2 Unlock Company Profile
LM Wind Power (R&D) Holland 2 Unlock Company Profile
Darwind 2 Unlock Company Profile
Envision Energy 2 Unlock Company Profile
Hayden Paul 2 Unlock Company Profile
Carbon Rotec 1 Unlock Company Profile
Shanghai Electric Group 1 Unlock Company Profile
Gamesa Innovation & Technology 1 Unlock Company Profile
UT-Battelle 1 Unlock Company Profile
Gamesa 1 Unlock Company Profile

Source: GlobalData Patent Analytics

Vestas Wind Systems is one of the leading patent filers in fiber-reinforced composite turbine blades. Vestas is a renewable energy company. It designs, manufactures, installs, and provides services to onshore and offshore power converters, wind turbines, blades, and towers. The company’s solutions encompass parts and repair to preventive inspections and advanced repairs. The service offerings of Vestas include data-driven consultancy, fleet optimization, blade maintenance and inspection, power generator repairs, and gearbox exchange. It partners with customers to monitor wind energy production and performance of the wind power plant throughout its lifetime.

In terms of application diversity, Swancor Holding leads the pack. BASF and Safran stand in second and third positions, respectively.

By means of geographic reach, Aloys Wobben Foundation, Wobben Properties, Arkema, and Neptco are some of the leading patent filers in fiber-reinforced composite turbine blades.

To further understand the key themes and technologies disrupting the power industry, access GlobalData’s latest thematic research report on Power.

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