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Decarbonising the cement industry: building a sustainable future

From Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) to utilising alternative fuels, there are a number of decarbonisation strategies being implemented by the cement industry to reduce CO2 emissions. Despite this, the industry is still falling short of targets to meet long-term net zero goals by 2050.

Disrupting minerals exploration

BHP Xplor is more than just a ‘game changer.’ It’s disrupting old investment models in the minerals exploration space and opening the door for early-stage explorers to accelerate discoveries.

Will the need for green ammonia drive the demand for renewable hydrogen?

As the world works towards net zero by 2050, the industry is looking for new ways to lower their emissions and find fossil fuel alternatives. Both hydrogen and ammonia will play key roles in creating a more sustainable future as a source and carrier of energy. Decarbonising the production of hydrogen and ammonia will help make them more commercially competitive and increase demand, but is it enough?

A vehicle to accelerate decarbonisation: What is Power-to-X and how is it used in industry?

With the variety of possibilities it offers for producing low-carbon fuels and feedstocks, Power-to-X has the potential to set even the biggest producers of carbon on the path to net zero.

Batteries and borders: Global policy and regulation in a rapidly decarbonising world

The far-reaching impact of the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and – in response– the EU’s Critical Raw Materials Act, on the global battery value chain

Plugging the CCUS gap: From early-stage incentives to delivery at scale

Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) has the potential to help the most carbon-intensive industries to decarbonise their operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, so why is deployment behind expectations?

Unearthing potential in Kazakhstan: meeting demand for copper and key minerals

With electric vehicles (EVs) typically requiring six times the mineral inputs of a conventional car, net-zero goals pushing for more EVs on the road mean that the demand for these resources has increased exponentially.

Renewable energy spotlight: the next phase for hydrogen

While green hydrogen offers European countries the opportunity to establish energy independence and progress towards climate goals, a large-scale hydrogen transition is not guaranteed. Adoption and investment trends will shape the future of fuel.

CCUS gains momentum in ‘subsidy arms race’

The carbon capture, utilisation and storage industry is set to reap the benefits of a policymaking movement that began in the US and is spreading across the world.

Scale, pace and shifting sands at the forefront of the electromobility revolution

With the demand for electric vehicles (EVs) growing exponentially, the opportunities for battery material producers are enormous, but is this threatened by a lack of energy conversion materials?