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Natalie Janzow

Natalie Janzow is a manager in the Climate-Aligned Industries programme at clean energy nonprofit RMI, where she focuses on the development and deployment of hydrogen policy internationally and in the US.

Why transatlantic trade in green hydrogen will happen sooner than you think

Fuelling European industry with US green hydrogen would provide a rare win-win-win for the EU, the US and the climate, argue researchers with the US-based think tank RMI.

Green hydrogen is having a breakthrough moment. How do we make the most of it?

Developers and policymakers should set their sights on projects catering to sectors most acutely in need of green hydrogen, like steelmaking, fertilisers and shipping.

Transatlantic policymakers give hydrogen a clear mandate: Scale now

The sweet spot for developing US green hydrogen production to export to Europe will be in the next five years, argues clean energy think tank RMI.