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Jon Whiteaker is a senior editor at Investment Monitor focusing on FDI in the energy sector. He is also Middle East and Africa editor. He joined from Euromoney Institutional Investor. He has been a business and finance journalist for more than a decade, five of which he spent as the editor of IJGlobal – a leading news and data title covering energy and infrastructure finance. Jon has reported on transactions and investment trends across all continents and is an experienced leader and participant in industry events.

Why isn’t Europe investing more in recycling plastic?

Despite the huge environmental cost of waste plastic, even in Europe recycling rates remain incredibly low.

Britishvolt collapse shows structural weakness of UK automotive industry

Some are calling for greater state support for the UK automotive industry, but the failure of Britishvolt was probably unavoidable.

UAE out to prove doubters wrong on sustainability

The United Arab Emirates will host COP28 in late 2023, giving the country the opportunity to show that it means business on sustainability.

‘ESG-washing’ is damaging Nasdaq 100 companies

ESG-washing is damaging the reputations of many of the largest listed companies in the US and may be denting their sales.

Labour’s Great British Energy plan could spur UK investment

Labour’s Great British Energy proposal could boost foreign investment into and out of the UK, allowing it to better compete in the green power sector.

FDI in renewable and alternative power in 2021: The state of play

FDI in renewable and alternative power grew strongly in 2021, as the impacts of Covid-19 started to recede.

FDI in coal, oil and gas in 2021: The state of play

FDI in coal, oil and gas recovered in 2021 after a decline the previous year. The sector has proved more resilient than climate activist might hope.

The UK is better off for Boris Johnson’s departure

The legacy of Boris Johnson as prime minister is leaving the UK economy dented and its international reputation tarred.

FDI in renewable and alternative power: The state of play

Renewable power was one of the only FDI sectors to see strong growth in 2020, contrasting sharply with investment in coal, oil and gas.

A history of radioactive decay: who really messed up the UK’s nuclear industry?

Conservatives like to blame Labour for a lack of UK nuclear power investment, but the cause is privatisation and neglect under both parties.