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Jonathan Gaventa

Jonathan Gaventa is an energy policy consultant and a senior associate at E3G, a climate think tank. He is based in Maputo, Mozambique.

Why confused language around gas will slow the energy transition

Policymakers are increasingly adding elaborate caveats to energy transition pledges in an effort to look ambitious on climate action, while refusing to fully engage with the implications of net-zero emissions for natural gas, writes energy analyst Jonathan Gaventa.

Gas under pressure as IEA launches net-zero pathway

Setting out its net-zero emissions pathway today, the International Energy Agency has ended any suggestion gas could be considered a “transition fuel”, with big consequences for industry and geopolitics, writes Jonathan Gaventa, an energy policy consultant.

Africa’s bumpy road to an EV future

Car markets in most developing countries are fed with used exports from Europe, the US and Japan. How these markets develop will influence how fast Africa can move from fossil fuel to electric vehicles.

The rise and fall (and second coming) of off-grid solar

Off-grid solar only represents a tiny percentage of renewable energy, but it’s vital for the poorest households in developing countries. This success story risks being jeopardised by the Covid pandemic.

Will the dash for hydrogen benefit sub-Saharan Africa?

Sub-Saharan African countries could become big hydrogen exporters, but why not use hydrogen to power their own industrial development?

Politics are hindering renewables in southern Africa

Wind and solar are cheap. So why aren’t they expanding faster in Africa?