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Jason Mitchell is a senior editor at Investment Monitor, with a specialisation in emerging markets. He covered foreign investment in Latin America for 13 years and for the past three years has lived in sub-Saharan Africa and written widely about the subject from that continent's perspective. Previously, in London, he was editor of Investment Adviser and news editor of Financial Adviser, both of which belong to the Financial Times Group

Jason Mitchell

Mining and gas sectors expected to lead FDI into Africa in 2023

After a disappointing 2022, FDI in Africa looks set for a strong 2023 thanks to some lucrative mining and gas projects.

Opinion: the Western world must end China’s stranglehold of rare earths

Jason Mitchell argues that the war in Ukraine has shown why it is absolutely vital that the United States and the Western world develop their own supply chain for rare earth elements.

Net zero could drive up the global demand for timber, putting at risk the world’s forests

Timber demand will quadruple by the year 2050, but great uncertainty surrounds where all the additional wood will come from.

Aluminium production is critical for the energy transition but hamstrung by high electricity costs

Demand for aluminium is expected to double by 2050 as the world undertakes an energy transition, but its complex value chain is beset with environmental issues.

Opinion: Energy transition could destroy Africa’s forests and carbon sinks

Africa’s forests are at risk from critical mineral mining to help the world with its energy transition.

China’s stranglehold of the rare earths supply chain will last another decade

Angola, Australia and the US are all poised to ramp up the production of rare earth elements during the next few years, but China is set to continue enjoying an 80% share of the global refining of the vital metals.