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Isabeau van Halm is a data journalist based in London. She has previously worked as editor of a local newspaper and is a graduate of the Erasmus Mundus Journalism Master’s. Contact Isabeau at: isabeau.vanhalm [at]

Isabeau van Halm


EU and US politicians call for the removal of Al Jaber as COP28 president

The UAE’s appointment of an oil executive as president of COP28 has been controversial since it was announced.

Dutch offshore wind farms shut down to allow bird migration

In an international first, two offshore wind parks were shut down for four hours on 13 May to allow the safe passage of migrating birds above the North Sea.

Weekly data: European gas price lowest since the start of the energy crisis

European gas prices are stabilising, but that does not necessarily mean households will immediately see lower bills.

The coal-reliant countries that are most ambitious in their commitment to net zero

Energy Monitor looks at the countries most dependent on coal and their plans to phase out the fossil fuel.

Ultra-rich private jet travel has soared since the pandemic – and emissions followed

New research from the Institute for Policy Studies and Patriotic Millionaires highlights how much private jet travel costs the planet – as well as US taxpayers.

Data insight: the EU’s import reliance for critical materials for wind energy is 77%

The EU has an import reliance of 77% on average for the extraction of critical materials needed for wind energy. In addition, 54% of critical materials processing is done outside the bloc.

Weekly data: China coal imports hit a high but not from Australia

The impact of an end to the unofficial ban on coal imports from Australia to China remains to be seen, amid a surge in Chinese coal imports and coal-fired power plant permitting.

Weekly data: UK’s ‘Green Day’ spotlights oil, gas and carbon capture and storage

The UK government was supposed to release a new net-zero strategy by 31 March. Instead, the “Powering Up Britain” plan emphasises carbon capture and storage, and continued North Sea oil and gas production.

Oil baron or climate ally? The contentious COP28 presidency of Sultan Al Jaber

COP28 president Sultan Al Jaber is the CEO of Adnoc, the UAE’s biggest oil producer, but also the chairman of Masdar, the UAE’s pioneering energy transition company. What does his leadership mean for COP28?

Weekly data: One-third of UK funding for heat pumps and insulation is unspent

The UK government continues to underspend on home retrofits while there is already an investment gap of more than £8bn, new analysis finds.