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Senior writer at VMS, GlobalData. Previously feature writer at Just Style. TABBIE Honourable Mention winner. BA (Open) in English | BSc (Hons) in Geosciences. Also a graphic designer with certificates in Digital Marketing and Social Media. Lives by the beach.

Fi Forrest

Deal focus: the value of premium virtual data rooms in energy M&A and financing

An in-depth assessment of the role of secure and seamless file-sharing technology between deal participants.

Why ammonia is key in the global effort towards decarbonisation 

Hydrogen and ammonia are vital pieces of the puzzle for renewables moving forward. Professor Emmanouil Kakaras, Executive Vice-President NEXT Energy Business, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group, tells us that reaching targets for decarbonisation will mean utilising hydrogen of every colour, supporting initiatives such as the European Hydrogen Backbone, and investing in new technology.