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Alex Blair

Alex Blair is a UK-based reporter for GlobalData Media. He writes on topics including conflict, geopolitics, defence and sport.

Is Mexico’s 55% energy market nationalisation an anti-business move?

AMLO’s $6bn purchase of Iberdrola power plants has sparked questions around Mexico’s competitive and environmental credentials.

Environmental damage rampant across Ukraine and Gaza – CEOBS

CEOBS director Doug Weir questions the “long-term viability of communities in Gaza” due to conflict-driven ecological degradation.

Pentagon looks to AI to predict prices of critical minerals

The Pentagon’s latest AI programme will monitor critical minerals’ availability for arms manufacturing and the energy transition.

Are activist investors right to call out bp’s “irrational” ESG strategy?

Bluebell Capital Partners has urged bp to abandon its pledges to cut gas and oil output in the latest activist investor campaign.

Red Sea crisis to cause cross-sector disruption for “a few months at least”

How have the Houthis’ Red Sea ship attacks and US-UK airstrikes affected the transport, energy, financial and automotive industries?