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Seb Kennedy is founding editor of Energy Flux, an independent newsletter all about the energy transition. Seb has written about energy markets since 2008 for a variety of industry publications and energy consultancies.

US LNG is becoming a zero-sum game

The US is now a world-beating gas exporter, but the spoils of LNG market dominance are increasingly coming at the expense of US consumers via higher gas prices. Renewables stand to benefit, but tail risks abound.

Poland’s false sense of energy security

Poland barely blinked when Russia cut off gas flows, thanks to judicious energy planning by Warsaw, but new research suggests Poland risks sleepwalking into a gas supply deficit as ageing coal plants close.

The insanity of flaring during a global gas crisis

Ukraine is smouldering. The EU is paying a fortune to import LNG. Yet the global oil and gas industry is still flaring off as much gas as the EU buys from Russia each year.

Soaring costs curb enthusiasm for US LNG

A wartime push for new greenfield liquefaction projects is running into inflationary headwinds that could further dampen European appetite for long-term supply deals.

Europe’s wartime dash for LNG complicates US-China trade

Replacing Europe’s Russian gas with US liquefied natural gas could come at the expense of US-China bilateral trade.

Don’t demonise decarbonisation

Many factors left Europe woefully dependent on Russian gas. Wind and solar energy are not chief among them.

Hydrogen unlikely to be Ukraine’s energy saviour

Ukraine’s domestic gas industry failed to launch. Why would hydrogen be any different?

Brazil’s onshore oil renaissance: From stranded assets to spectacular returns?

A new wave of independent players could make a lot of money from mature oil and gas assets in the short term – politics permitting – even as the world transitions to a net-zero future.

Why aren’t investors piling in to build new LNG projects?

Energy transition risks are holding up investments in additional LNG export plants in the US, despite the current record-high gas prices.

Liberalisation and decarbonisation are a recipe for volatility

Market-based pricing for gas saved EU consumers billions – until this winter’s energy crunch came along. Europe’s exposure to fossil fuel volatility will actually increase during the clean energy transition.