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Polly Bindman is a data journalist and sustainable finance reporter based in London. She has worked for Capital Monitor and the New Statesman. Contact Polly at: polly.bindman [at]

Polly Bindman


Explainer: who is responsible for the world’s CO₂ emissions?

Which countries are the world’s largest emitters when adjusting for trade?

Weekly data: How Central Eastern Europe can accelerate its renewables rollout 

Central Eastern European countries are not maximising their potential for renewables. With greater ambition and more supportive policies, they could soon become a net exporter of electricity, finds research from climate think tank Ember.

Will antitrust concerns be the death knell for insurers’ net-zero commitments?

Insurers with climate commitments have found themselves at the centre of a heavily politicised debate over whether coordinated climate action contravenes antitrust laws, leading three major insurers to exit the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance this week.

Up to 90% of EU spending to replace Russian gas with green technology could be recouped through fuel savings

A new report finds that while replacing Russian gas with green technologies including renewables and heat pumps by 2028 will be costly, most of the investment could be paid for through lower gas use over the next 30 years.

Weekly data: how Adani lost its green credentials

The Science Based Targets initiative has dropped Adani Green Energy from its list of signatories, in the latest blow to conglomerate Adani’s green credentials. 

Grant Shapps assures the UK’s oil and gas industry it has his full support to continue drilling 

Meanwhile, at the Royal Courts of Justice, campaigners celebrated a High Court ruling that granted charity Greenpeace permission to proceed with a judicial review of new oil and gas licensing in the North Sea.

Why ESG funds are full of fossil fuels

Energy Monitor analysis finds that most US ESG funds contain exposure to fossil fuels. However, that might not be such a bad thing.

Data insight: the total number of offshore wind technicians is expected to rise by 92% within the next five years

A 67% growth of global onshore and offshore wind capacity expected between 2021 and 2026 will be matched by a 33% increase in the number of wind technicians requiring training to build and maintain the growing fleet, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.

Net-zero banks show little sign of slowing down fossil fuel financing

The world’s largest banks continue to pour billions of dollars into fossil fuels despite making net-zero pledges, finds new data from the Rainforest Action Network.

Are we about to see a surge in sovereign sustainability-linked bonds?

2022 was a “proof of concept year” for sovereign sustainability-linked bonds (SLBs), with the first SLBs successfully issued in Chile and Uruguay. Experts foresee a surge in demand for the nascent asset class.