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Polly Bindman is a data journalist and sustainable finance reporter based in London. She has worked for Capital Monitor and the New Statesman. Contact Polly at: polly.bindman [at]

Polly Bindman


Weekly data: Rise in US anti-ESG policies could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars

State anti-ESG laws are fast outpacing those supporting environmental or social measures, potentially costing taxpayers $700m.

How green bonds could turbocharge the energy transition in 2023

While green bond issuance is expected to accelerate this year following a 2022 downturn, there is a risk that issuers may forgo quality for quantity.

World’s largest asset managers block climate action amid anti-ESG backlash 

Fresh analysis of asset managers’ 2022 proxy voting patterns reveals the world’s largest investors are backsliding on climate-related votes, mainly in the energy sector.

Which US states are winning the race to phase out coal?

Data reveals which US states have made the most progress in shifting from coal to renewable power generation over the past two decades.

Why banks aren’t taking responsibility for a huge share of their scope 3 emissions

The failure of most banks to account for their facilitated emissions has been labelled a “potentially huge” policy loophole.

How climate denial became the anti-ESG movement 

Vanguard’s recent exit from the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative is more evidence that US Republicans’ anti-ESG movement is having a chilling effect on investors. However, just how far the reactionary movement could hinder the energy transition is unclear.

Weekly data: How India’s appetite for cheap Russian oil could hamper its climate ambitions

India is increasing its oil demand as it capitalises on discounted Russian oil. Some are concerned this will dent its climate ambitions.

Why repowering is key to hitting the UK’s onshore wind targets

The UK government has decided to overturn its effective ban on new onshore wind farms, but clearer guidance on repowering will be key to reaching net zero.

How much is the UK government really spending on its new insulation plans?

Recent government announcements of new funding for insulation suggest the UK is finally starting to take energy efficiency seriously – but how significant are the new plans in light of past failures?

How central banks could help close the green investment gap

Updating central banks’ policy toolkits could prevent rising interest rates from curtailing much-needed green investment.