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Polly Bindman is a data journalist and sustainable finance reporter based in London. She has worked for Capital Monitor and the New Statesman. Contact Polly at: polly.bindman [at]

COP28: OPEC leaks put pressure on Al Jaber to secure a fossil fuel phase-out deal

A leaked letter from OPEC urging member countries to reject a “fossil fuel phaseout” at COP28 suggests formal deal on phase-out is a real possibility.

COP28 explainer: why hasn’t China signed the tripling renewables pledge? 

Experts weigh in on why China and India haven’t joined 119 countries in pledging to triple renewables capacity by 2030.

Indigenous leaders decry lack of inclusion in COP28 negotiations; new report shows climate funds “evaporate” before reaching them

Indigenous leaders express concern that they are being excluded from COP28 negotiations in Dubai.

COP28: Six new banks sign up to UNEP FI’s Principles for Responsible Banking

UNEP FI secretary-general Eric Usher tells Energy Monitor that the initiative is growing into a “bigger engine” as five banks from the Middle East and Africa and one from Latin America sign up.

COP28 Day 3: US, UAE and China lead methane announcement blitz

At a high-level summit hosted by the US, UAE and China, the COP28 Presidency unveiled a raft of announcements targeting methane emissions.

A Sunnylands victory? Assessing the US-China climate deal

Energy Monitor analyses US and China progress towards a new bilateral commitment on climate action announced in the run-up to COP28.

COP28 presidency hails “historic” victory as nations agree Loss and Damage Fund on day one

COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber hails the agreement as “historic”, as it is the first time a decision has been adopted on day one of any COP.

Weekly data: global ambition to triple renewables by 2030 within reach

The world is on track to more than double its renewable energy capacity by 2030, reports climate think tank Ember.

Leading with an invisible hand: what role will private finance play at COP28?

Energy Monitor walks you through what role private finance can be expected to play at COP28.

Weekly data: meat and dairy industry failing to reduce emissions ahead of COP28

New data from the FAIRR investor initiative shows that while meat and dairy producers are improving the transparency of their disclosures, they are failing to drive down emissions ahead of COP28.