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Polly Bindman is a data journalist and sustainable finance reporter based in London. She has worked for Capital Monitor and the New Statesman.

Polly Bindman


How central banks could help close the green investment gap

Updating central banks’ policy toolkits could prevent rising interest rates from curtailing much-needed green investment.

The “Great Reclassification” of sustainable funds

Some fund managers are downgrading their sustainable products to avoid accusations of greenwashing as EU regulations aimed at providing investors with greater clarity on sustainable investments only create more confusion.

Weekly data: Polluters are failing to back net-zero commitments with capital spending alignment

The world’s largest polluters are failing to match progress on net-zero commitments with credible decarbonisation strategies.

Too few rules on fossil fuels? The limitations of Mark Carney’s GFANZ alliance

GFANZ faces a serious question: what is the purpose of a net-zero alliance when members are allowed to continue investing in fossil fuel expansion?

Top banks’ decarbonisation targets risk net-zero overshoot

New research claims that “inadequate” decarbonisation targets by the world’s largest financiers of fossil fuels risk net-zero limits being exceeded.

Why the financial odds are stacked against developing countries

To reach global climate goals, and give developing countries access to affordable finance, an overhaul of the financial system is needed.