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Nick Ferris is a data journalist based in London. He has previously worked at Greenpeace Unearthed, The MailOnline and The Straits Times. He is a graduate of the MA in Investigative Journalism at City University. Contact Nick at: nick.ferris [at]

Nick Ferris


Why recycling is no golden ticket to endless critical minerals 

Recycling more critical minerals is important, but it will not produce sufficient supply to meet booming energy transition demand.

Weekly data: plummeting Russian oil receipts herald the fall of a petrostate

Seven consecutive months of falling fossil fuel revenues suggests what may happen to other petrostates as the energy transition accelerates.

Why booming rooftop solar may ultimately be doomed

The European rooftop solar industry is booming, but significant market reform will be needed for there to be a business case in 10–20 years’ time.

Europe: Why analysts are so worried about energy security next winter

Drawing on a series of expert opinions, Energy Monitor explains why serious energy security concerns remain in Europe.

Weekly data: Booming battery pipeline heralds era of renewables-dominated grids

Global grid-scale battery storage is expected to grow tenfold between 2023 and 2030, says GlobalData.

Top ten renewables dealmakers since 2020

Energy Monitor takes a look at the ten companies that have been most active in renewable energy mergers and acquisitions since 2020.

Why LNG terminals will not be transporting hydrogen any time soon

Political promises that new LNG terminals can be switched to hydrogen are likely to remain unfulfilled.

Weekly data: US outpaces EU in the race to build EV batteries 

The Inflation Reduction Act has already led to a surge in US EV battery investment, with the EU scrambling to keep up.

Exclusive: Oil majors’ expansion plans pay little heed to net zero

Data reveals the world’s leading oil and gas majors continue risk-laden, global expansion, despite net-zero pledges.

Exclusive: How just 25 oil companies are set to blow the world’s 1.5°C carbon budget

A new Energy Monitor investigation reveals how Big Oil’s extraction plans continue to fly in the face of climate science.