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Julia Hildermeier

Julia Hildermeier is an associate for RAP’s Europe team and an electro-mobility and transport expert exploring the benefits of integrating electrified transport in a smarter and decarbonised power market.

Making the last mile electric

Battery trucks need well-designed policy support to scale up electric delivery, say Julia Hildermeier from the Regulatory Assistance Project and Hussein Basma from the International Council on Clean Transportation.

EV smart charging: A golden opportunity for distribution system operators

EV smart charging tariffs and services in Europe have grown rapidly in the last two years. Improving tariff design to include grid conditions can provide distribution system operators with much-needed flexibility resources.

Green urban freight: How to electrify our deliveries today

Using electric trucks for urban deliveries can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, but key to keeping costs down is knowing when to charge, says Julia Hildermeier from the Regulatory Assistance Project.