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Ben van der Merwe

Ben van der Merwe is a data journalist at GlobalData Media, specialising in FDI. He joined from the Reach Data Unit, where he was a fellow of the Google News Initiative. His investigative journalism has previously appeared in the Observer, VICE,Private Eye and New Statesman.

The UK is heading for a winter of discontent

Energy prices are set to soar in the UK later in 2022, plunging the country into another winter of discontent, with no real solution coming from the new Prime Minister.

Is the West losing the will to sanction Russia?

The West’s sanctions on Russia are experiencing varying degrees of effectiveness, and rising inflation will test its resolve.

Could the Ukraine crisis herald a rebirth for nuclear power?

The Ukraine crisis and zero-carbon targets mean many countries are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels. Does this mean a rebirth of nuclear power is on the cards?

Can renewables avoid damaging natural habitats?

Solar and wind farms can cut carbon emissions without coming into systematic conflict with biodiversity and nature protection, says a new study.

Europe’s energy crisis: What next?

With energy stocks at records lows across many European countries, which are likely to struggle most in what could be a long, cold winter?

The $4trn-a-year price tag to save the planet

The International Energy Agency’s annual report makes it clear just how important it is that the attendees of COP26 commit to investing in policies that will ensure the world achieves its net-zero targets.

Why Biden needs to take a stance on investor lawsuits

Joe Biden will need to engage with the question of investor lawsuits to keep his clean energy plans on track.

Why investor lawsuits could slow the energy transition

Investor-state dispute settlements could allow fossil fuel investors to slow government plans.