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Ashima Sharma

Ashima is a staff journalist reporting on the global energy sector, with interests spanning across human rights, geopolitics, technology and climate resilience.

“It is foolish to think we could ever remove our dependence on China”: Livent CSO

While the EU has launched financial incentives to build EV batteries domestically, China has an edge in existing processing and refining capacity.

Top oil and gas companies have made “almost no progress” towards Paris Agreement goals: report 

The CDP’s Oil and Gas Benchmark report assessed 100 oil and gas companies on low-carbon transition and just transition indicators.

UK no longer a leader on climate targets, the Climate Change Committee warns 

The committee highlights a “worrying hesitancy” by ministers to pursue climate goals and calls for better leadership to address the urgency of climate issues.

Research finds coal waste as a viable rare earth source

As the demand for rare earth elements increases, new research indicates rare earth elements could be found in coal and coal discard.

India to add up to 28GW of coal-fired power capacity by 2031-32

India’s latest National Electricity Plan for 2022-27 cites a need for new coal and investment in battery storage.