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Nick Ferris is a data journalist based in London. He has previously worked at Greenpeace Unearthed, The MailOnline and The Straits Times. He is a graduate of the MA in Investigative Journalism at City University.

Nick Ferris


Weekly data: Why Norway leads the world for electric vehicles

A series of wide-ranging policies have transformed the traditional perceptions of EVs as too expensive or lacking in range.

Why not all coal phase-outs are created equal

Coal power must be rapidly phased out to reach net zero, but data shows some countries are planning their coal phase-outs better than others.

Why a year into the Biden presidency, the US remains a climate laggard

Polarised party politics, and a wafer-thin majority in the Senate, has left Biden unable to become the climate leader he hoped to be.

Weekly data: China’s nuclear pipeline as big as the rest of the world’s combined

China has a massive 228 nuclear reactors in development, according to GlobalData. If completed, these will have a capacity larger than Germany’s entire power grid.

Energy Monitor’s end-of-year forecast: Electric vehicles

The last of Energy Monitor’s end-of-year forecasts compares GlobalData’s electric vehicle market forecast with what would be required to reach net zero by 2050.

Energy Monitor’s end-of-year forecast: Fossil fuels

Energy Monitor’s second end-of-year forecast looks at the global pipeline of fossil fuels, and whether what is due to happen up to 2030 is in line with net zero by 2050 requirements.

Energy Monitor’s end-of-year forecast: Solar and wind

In the first of our end-of-year forecasts for 2021, Energy Monitor looks at the projected roll-out of solar and wind up to 2030 versus what would be required to meet net zero by 2050.

Live EU electricity generation map

Track power production across the EU 27 with Energy Monitor’s electricity generation map, updated with live electricity data every hour. Scroll down to below the map and charts to learn more about them.

Data shows early signs of a fossil fuel asset exodus

Pressure on fossil fuel industries is leading more companies to dispose of assets, but it is doubtful this represents good stewardship from a climate governance perspective.

Weekly data: New German government’s climate plan could see EU emissions plummet

Germany remains Europe’s biggest coal user. The new coalition agreement would reduce CO2 emissions in 2030 by 148 megatonnes.