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Senior writer Dave Keating is a US journalist and conference moderator covering European affairs from Brussels, with a focus on environment and energy. He has worked for France24 and Forbes. Contact Dave at: dave.keating [at]

Dave Keating


Opinion: EU’s new 57% target is more about communication than increased ambition

The EU’s announcement that it will increase its 2030 climate target from 55% to 57% reflects a technical change in how the target is calculated – but Europe needed something in Egypt to show the developing world the Ukraine War hasn’t put climate ambition on hold.

COP27: “Key decision-makers are presenting decarbonisation as something expensive and difficult”

Bertrand Piccard from the Solar Impulse Foundation is frustrated with the speeches being given by politicians and diplomats at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt.

What do companies need from COP27?

Energy Monitor spoke to Ursula Woodburn, programme director at the Corporate Leaders Group, part of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, about why businesses are at COP27 and what they want from the summit.

COP27: Warsaw’s mayor has come with a very different message than the Polish government

This should be the last COP without city governments having an official place at the table – whether national governments like Poland’s like it or not, Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski says.

COP27: Deep geothermal “superhot rock energy” could be key to climate action

New technologies such as “superhot rock” deep geothermal energy need recognition and public funding, says Terra Rogers of the Clean Air Task Force.

One year on, is coal being consigned to history?

At COP26 in Glasgow, Western countries pledged to phase out coal and got to work. Then Russia invaded Ukraine, and the plans went out the window. Has the war disrupted the long-term trajectory?

COP27: Cities are essential in the climate fight, says former Lord Mayor of Dublin

Alison Gilliland, former Lord Mayor of Dublin, wants cities to have more of a formal role in the UN climate talks at COP27.

Brussels pleads with countries to stay in the Energy Charter Treaty

EU countries are voting with their feet, quitting the investor protection pact despite the EU’s efforts to reform it – but the European Commission warns it will be worse to be outside than in.

EU leaders debate gas price cap as north-south energy rifts deepen

Ursula von der Leyen is holding off on proposing a gas price cap seemingly because Germany does not want it, infuriating southern European countries.

Rapid industrial electrification could avoid EU gas rationing

The European food, chemical and glass industries could evade shutdown orders in the coming months if they quickly electrify their production processes with heat pumps, according to a new report.